From Us to You

by Quantice Never Crashed

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released for fundraiser in '08.


released January 1, 2008



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Quantice Never Crashed New York

Staten Island kids doing what we love. Thank you to everyone who was involved and made this so incredible for all of us, still.

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Track Name: All Grown-Ups are Pirates
Beggar. Don't act so starved. Jackal. At least pretend like you don't like the taste. You shift like flies to shit. I've never seen hearts on sleeves make honesty look so cheap. But you make it look so easy...One day you'll choke on your tired words for the pat on the back you thought you deserved. Keep your lifeless hands away from my throat. It's your tasteless tongue and your empty lungs that let me know you'll stay the same. Keep your lifeless hands way from my throat. It's my worthless words and jealous fits that keep me playing deaf and dumb. The longer I hold this, the easier it is to ask: How did you drown in something so shallow?
Track Name: My Ship Ran the Vessel in 12 Parsecs, What Have You Done with Your Life?
I've mapped out this distance in every thought I've ever had. Between past and present, there's no fear left in these words. So now my eyes are open and my arms are shut tight, to walk these miles alone to build a frame to call my own. Desire. Devotion. You know less of these than the shame that it takes to admit I'm sick inside my own skin. I wish that I could show you life from beneath your feet. If I could, I would control these peripherals- but I cut myself fucking wide right open. So take the shot- you'll never get it any clearer than this. Somewhere there is air to breathe but if I even could would I ever let go? I'm counting miles like I'm counting down. If you only knew what I'll never show. I've come to terms with none of this, and I haven't woken since. But I've learned to love when my entire self isn't nearly enough. I'm burning more than bridges from you. As this wick gets shorter, "if you only knew..."